Additional Infrared Uses

The Therm at the right is an infrared heat image of In-floor Radiant Heat Piping. 
The white lines are the heated path of the
in-floor hot water radiant heat piping.  
A neat way to reveal and trace out using an Infrared Camera.   

The picture with the green painted dots marked on the concrete floor show the path of the in-floor piping.  The purpose in this example is to avoid drilling holes in the piping when securing equipment to the floor, such as a car lift.   Another use could be revealing whether the radiant piping or zones are functioning properly as designed, or for verifing pavement snow melting in garage ramps.

The Therm on the left is an outdoor winter scan of a building wall that shows by the white images, the warm conductive wood wall studs and the dark areas that appear insulated between them.   Great for verifying insulation performance or maybe where walls have wet insulation due to water leaks. Missing insulation or poor installation workmanship.

Another Therm example on the left of an inside room with a angled corner ceiling (cathedral type ceiling).   The dark areas show missing insulation or insulation voids between ceiling joists and the drywall ceiling surface, cold air spaces.   In winter time  these cold air channels caused frost on the surface of a bathroom wall.  Cause:  Poor insulation workmanship.


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