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Thermo-Optics Technology Services can provide Electrical CAD Drawing Layouts of your Building Electrical System

Electrical Single Line Diagram Sample

A layout or electrical single line diagram of building switchboards, distribution panels, lighting/power panels, control panels, and their feeder conduit lines in between, provides a detail of what is fed from where to where.    Then provide proper identification on panels and disconnect switches, etc.   

We do the survey, gathering the necessary electrical info, and at the same time researching how items are put together, and should something not appear correct, possibly unsafe, or not in electrical code compliance, a report will follow with the findings to your attention.  Then we develop the CAD drawing, saved as a PDF, for your review including use on your computer.

What shuts what off, LOCK-OUT SAFETY, knowing where things are fed from.   Insurance companies promote this for plant safety.   

Your Maintenance staff or visiting electrician can figure out what is fed from where to where safely by posting and reviewing that wall mounted CAD drawn diagram they've always wanted after building operations was up and running.

And this may possible add a peace of mind during the survey....An infrared scan of the electrical equipment can be included to verify the condition of electrical switchgear, distribution panels, motor control centers, production control panels, etc.

Thermo-Optics Technology Services can provide Electrical Power Monitoring, Recording, and Documentation results.   (480 volts and below)


When for example, you just want to monitor/record over days or weeks tenants energy usage, old verses new lighting loads, trouble shoot amperage draw on production machines or compare similar motor operations, or wonder just how much more electrical load can you add to that existing feeder circuit.

We provide/install the recording logger instead of you renting and trying to figure out what to do.  

We analyze and provide written results on voltages, amperages, kw/kva, power/energy consumption, power factor, and disturbances, at building electrical gear, panels, mechanical equipment.   Determine wondering problems or items the Power Company will not provide.

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